i’m back.

IMG_0480anyone who has encountered me (or a thirty foot radius of me) in the last year has probably heard my tirade about how i haven’t quite gotten back to blogging. (i use this horrendous verb only because the writing itself hasn’t stopped as abruptly or completely as its presence in this “public” forum. hi mom!)  fellow writers will undoubtedly commiserate with the inability to re-kickstart after a perpetual hiatus. how can i begin again, on an entirely new platform, all the while avoiding the post that sounds like an apologetic entry to a diary whose new year’s resolution staggered off by january 3rd?  since i’m pretty sure i’ve already ventured into all the platitudes i was hoping to avoid, i should just pull out all the stops.

dear diary,

i’m soooo sorry it’s been so long since i’ve written you! how are you? i’m great. a lot of stuff has happened but i’ll have to get to all of that later. i know you’re dying to know all my exciting secrets and thoughts, all my inspiring and challenging hopes and dreams. i’ve gotta run right now but i promise i’ll talk to you tomorrow.


p.s. if you are not me, you are not allowed to read this. this means YOU.

don’t worry, you guys. that last part doesn’t apply in this case. sorry to scare all of you like that — hi mom! 🙂

jokes aside (don’t get too comfortable), i am really excited to get back into this. “at whit’s end” was an important expression of mine and i’m ready to start anew with… (*cue drumroll that is anticlimactic due to your ability to read both the header and URL*) the sandwich evangelist.  it only took me a year after coming up with that name to write this initial post, giving this generic wordpress URL a sense of purpose.  what does it mean, you ask? well, if i haven’t told you in person amidst self-directed complaints about not yet making it an actual thing, i’ll explain soon. stay tuned.

forgive the bumpy start.
it’s good to be back.

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